Hyssop Superior Pads


Extra Features

  • Uses Safe, Food-grade adhesive base layers which do not contain harmful chemicals
  • A leak proof membrane design
  • Maximum ventilation for superb breathability.
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Ladies are very delicate when it comes to their time of need with monthly menstruation. With that in mind, Hyssop expresses their care with our special sanitary pads! Our pads use our patented 3-in-1 multifunctional strips that provide multiple benefits and extra
care for our users! We feature strips that produce negative ions for reduction of harmful bacteria in the feminine area, strong absorbency materials to prevent leaks, and soft, comfortable padding to provide maximum convenience and care for the user!


Key Benefits:

  • Features Taiwan Nano-Technology to promote menstrual health
  • Comes in 4 variations to cater to all situations
  • Keeps the menstrual area dry and fresh, leaving no trace of discomfort for the user.
Hyssop Superior Pads

Day Use, Night Use, XL, Pantyliner


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