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About us

HYSSOPUS INCORPORATED was established in February 5, 2018 to provide high quality health and personal care products, first to Filipinos then to people around the world,  complimented by  professional support and services.

HYSSOPUS INC., embraces the core values of doing what is right, just, and fair. It is being run by people with an understanding and servant hearts with more than 2 decades of experience.

COMPANY’S SUCCESS is based on two (2) unique flagship products that can now be found nationwide through our depot and stockist centers that are rapidly appearing in major provinces across the country.


NATIONWIDE DISTRIBUTION to see more hyssopus distributors sending and bringing products across the globe. 

HELPING PEOPLE to help people improve their health and build their wealth.


HEALTH AWARENESS to share to all people the good benefits of hyssopus products.

REWARD SYSTEM to generously give rewards to hardworking distributors.

meet the team

Meet the team behind the HYSSOP

Carlos Rios

CEO| President

Hydie Rios

Vice President


Job Rios

General Manager


Hannah Rose Rios

Operational Manager

Larry Yusi

Product Handler

Mabel Yusi



Patrick San Jose

Accounting Assistant


Rita Santiago

Creative Designer

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