Hyssop Premium Mild Bar


Use only Hyssop Premium Mild Bar, a 3in1 soap that has 3beauty components in one that gives Protection from germs, Help Lighten up your skin,  Keep the skin moisturized and Natural exfoliants that remove dead skin.


Do you have sensitive skin? Is your regular bath soap leaving an itchy feeling? Don’t worry, Hyssop Premium Mild Bar is here to cater for your gentle skin! Formulated to be as tough as regular bath soaps but gentle on skin, our Premium Mild Bar helps skin stay soft, supple, and fresh while keeping it bacteria free! It also contains glutathione, collagen, and goat’s milk which helps to nourish the skin, making it look younger by the years!

Key Benefits:

  • Provide germ protection along with gentle cleansing
  • Helps skin stay fresh and look young
  • Promotes healthy skin quality


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