Hyssop Hygienic Soap


It prevents the growth development of bacteria that can cause diseases. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and use Hyssop Hygienic Soap the Anti-Bacterial Soap

Nowadays, we all take preventive measures to guarantee our health, and part of our preparations is taking care of our hygiene. Not to worry, as Hyssop Antibacterial Soap is on the job! Hyssop Hygienic ensures to eliminate most bacteria that we come in contact with our daily commute, work, and even at home. Not only does it help us stay clean and protected, it also gives us great fresh fragrance when used, giving us a sense of satisfaction after taking a bath.

Key Benefits:

  • Combats most bacterial types, keeping us safe from catching cold, etc.
  • Refreshes the skin, giving us a healthy glow
  • Very fragrant, provides the user an attractive smell after use.


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