H7 Tinted Moisturized SFP45


Protects the skin from damage and early sign of aging with H7 Tinted Moisturized SFP45 Sunblock! For daily needs against UVB Rays and skin darkening. Its deep concentration texture gives you a matte finished look with smooth and younger-looking skin.


This is a non-comedogenic formula (your skin breath comfortable and don’t clog your pores) is loaded with natural and organic beneficial ingredients, will leave your skin unbelievably smooth and silk1y, like a baby skin! Lightweight and velvety feel, transparent and natural look, will give you even skin tone and make-up looks – always Flawless, and skin plumps all day long! Lines filled in, pores concealed, excess oil controlled, blemishes covered, moisture preserved. Once you try it, you won’t want to be without it!


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